Who can be tested and treated with the Ondévit method?
Anyone, without exception, can be treated with the Ondévit method. Also people who cannot be tested in the standard manner, e.g. babies, etc. In these cases preferably a family member is asked for assistance as a go between.
Even animals can be treated with the owner as an intermediate.
What are the possibilities with Ondévit?
The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Every daily problem such as stress related problems, learning and behavioural problems, relational problems, etc. can be examined energetically.
It should be emphasized that the client cures him- or herself. The Ondévit drops are an extension and support. In this manner the essential integrity of the client his or her right of self-determination will always be warranted.
How does Ondévit work along to other treatments?
If you have any medical questions keep in touch with your medical doctor. Ondévit drops can be combined with all treatments and medication, regular or alternative.