In 1983 Claude G.A. Onillon developed the Ondévit-method to first detect energetic blockage and subsequently to influence them.
Each word has a very specific energetic resonance and the Ondévit-method makes use of this resonance.

The Technique
A word is written on a specially designed card. This card is placed on the body; subsequently a magnet is placed on top of the card. By doing so the energetic resonance of that word is intensified in such a manner that its influence on the body can be tested by a muscle-tension test. If these test words weaken the muscle, this is an indication of an energetic change.

Anything and anyone is a form of energy, so anything or anyone could be experienced as an energetic change.
These specific energies may be mentioned by name: people in our surroundings, plants, animals, computers, etc.

Because most of the time one is not aware of the energetic changes this is the reason why a very extensive standard test using test-cards with words on them that apply to just anyone is necessary. During the test words that apply to the person being tested will also be taken into consideration.
By means of electro-magnetic resonance Ondévit supplements are being coded with words that proved to have a weakening effect on the energetic sytem in order to enforce the energetic balance.
Ondévit drops should be regarded as an extension, expansion and intensification of the treatment. The drops are the carriers of the energetic pattern that has been indicated by the test; chemically all they consist of is a physiological salt solution.
By taking the Ondévit drops the energy circulation is boosted. This is why they are an essential part of the Ondévit treatment. Because of the fact that they are mixed according to individual specifications, they are for personal use only.