To understand the Ondévit principles we can start with the fundamental question: Why does the written word has an influence on the human spirit and organism?

The Origin of Issues in Health and Development
Health problems do not occur out of the blue. They are a result of an ongoing imbalance in our energetic system. It appears that by means of the power of the written word it is possible to recover our energetic harmony.
Gesundheitsprobleme entstehen nicht plötzlich. Sie sind die Folgen eines schon länger bestehen­den Ungleichgewichtes im Energiehaushalt.
Es scheint, dass mit der Kraft von geschriebenen Worten der Energiehaushalt wieder ins Gleich­gewicht gebracht werden kann.
Besides the lymph-glands, blood circulation- and nervous systems the human organism is constituted by yet another system: energy circulation. Our life-energy flows“ through these energy currents, the meridians. This system is essential for life. It stops when we are dead. Blockages in the meridian activity prevents the energetic flow and can cause physical and mental troubles. Therefor illness can be a result of blochages in our energetic system.

Changes in a meridian influence the energy circulation, with consequences for the daily life.
This energy system is in resonance with everything. Particularly everything that has word nature has a structuring effect on this field. We can have a visual impression of that in a series of experiments performed by Masoru Emoto, a japanese medical doctor, showing the  beautiful and lawfully organising effect that written words have on the cristallisation processes of water. In a similar way written words and their derivatives can work into the human spiritual-energetic organisation to support health and development.